Best News I ever seen

When you know, you’re doing your job

If she doesn’t feel like this, you haven’t done your job

I think the human body is a fucking magnificent piece of art and it saddens me that we must cover it with clothing

To all you fellas that go out and cheat on yo gurl by getting some new pussy. Just know yo girl’s pussy NEW to the next nucca too! IJS!


I’m headed to work and this car was in front, and I immediately noticed the flags, I pulled up next to her smiling & waving , the lady was like “oh my word” … question How do you prefer racism? Up in your face, or behind your back?

If your real freak pass this on!

With Gold Chain, 30 inch Doll Weave, Designer Purse, Exposed Breast, Diamond Earings and Just LOOKING FLY all the Way around, not to mention full make up and Attitude to Match…I ASK YOU AGAIN, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??? AMERICA….



this is how you get it done

I have to say that’s not how it’s done but at the same time I like to watch her cum… damn

We go hard….

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