I’m headed to work and this car was in front, and I immediately noticed the flags, I pulled up next to her smiling & waving , the lady was like “oh my word” … question How do you prefer racism? Up in your face, or behind your back?

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With Gold Chain, 30 inch Doll Weave, Designer Purse, Exposed Breast, Diamond Earings and Just LOOKING FLY all the Way around, not to mention full make up and Attitude to Match…I ASK YOU AGAIN, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??? AMERICA….



this is how you get it done

I have to say that’s not how it’s done but at the same time I like to watch her cum… damn

We go hard….

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~ I’ve learned something about relationships. There is a difference between feeling SAFE AND SECURE in someone’s arms. I’ve felt SAFE in very few arms but never SECURE. Feeling just SAFE is, I know you won’t let no one hurt me physically and you provide outer protection. However, that feeling of feeling SECURE in your significant other’s arms, you know without a shadow of a doubt, that no one will ever take your place in their heart, mind, or soul. You know your thoughts and emotions are SECURE with them and they will not take advantage of what you feel for them. They will protect, not just your outer being, but your delicate inner being. You know that besides God you’re the only one that matters most in their world and they will be there with you through thick or thin. You’ll never again have to question where you stand with them like all the rest. You’ll finally be not just SAFE but REASSURED in every area of life with them that it’s only you, always was you, and will always be you! I pray, not just to feel SAFE in another’s arms, I will feel SECURE! ~

Are you bout this life?… true freaks

How long?…

Double the fun

Mean Green

I want the remote