I see you

Super Funny, it’s funny cuz I would do that

*While you were ignoring her on
whatsapp.. I was
giving her attention.
* While you were out with your friends
I was with her.
* While you couldn’t take her calls I
phoned her.
* While you were busy I was giving her
all of
my time * While you were not available i was
shoulder to Lean on
* If you want to know how i took her it
was like
taking a candy from a baby.
* While you were never there for her I
offered to
spend some tıme wıth her..
* While you slept without sending her
a text I wrote her a poem telling her how
beautiful she
* The more i made her smile the more
i won
her heart.
* The more I gave her joy the more useless you
became to her.
*she didn’t cheat on you..she got tired
of you.
* If you must know you lost an angel
and I found her on the way home *She tried to
phone you to give you
one last
chance but as usual you never listen
so she gave me what
was yours
* If you want to know how I got your girlfriend
* I learned to listen to her
*I learned that smaller things makes
one happy
* Most of all I learned to love her the
way she wanted to be loved.
* Never Take Anything Or Anyone For
Granted, Because That Someone you
taking for
granted Somebody ıs praying to be
wıth What Still Stands Is That Someday
wıll Look at that person Like they are
The Best
Thing In The World."

Men: would you let your woman come out looking like that, and women would you do this?…

Ok just watch, you can thank me later

Best News I ever seen

When you know, you’re doing your job

If she doesn’t feel like this, you haven’t done your job

I think the human body is a fucking magnificent piece of art and it saddens me that we must cover it with clothing